• 5000L low temperature reactor
  • 5000L low temperature reactor

7000L jacketed carbon steel and S316L clad plate reactor for high temperature high pressue reaction

This is a reactor we made for a pharmaceutical company for pharmaceutical intermediates production.
Type Structure Type Design temperature Stirring speed Heating power Discharging type Mixing style Contact material Controller
GSH2000AOLHDW001 Close type (with manhole) -196 °C~300°C 0~800 60 KW Bottom Impeller Hastelloy PID
Volume  Design pressure Motor Motor power Heating type Mixer shaft Seal type Kettle lid open port Other accessories
2000 L Negative ~ 15.0 Mpa AC motor 11 Jacket circulation with thermal oil Self-lubricating wear-resistance sleeve made of stainless steel Magnetic seal Burst disc(safety valve ) port, etc. n/a