Oil Industry

Among the WHGCM reactors involving oils and fats as raw materials, one type is hydrorefine reactors and the other type is biodiesel reactors.

Hydrorefine reactors
The raw materials processed in the Hydrorefine reactor are petroleum products. Hydrorefine reactor in the presence of hydrogen pressure and catalyst, so that the petroleum products in the sulfur, oxygen, nitrogen, etc. are turned into the corresponding hydrogen sulfide, water, ammonia and removed. They make the olefins and diolefins hydrogen saturation, aromatics partially hydrogen saturated, so as to improve the quality of the oil products.

All kinds of oil hydrorefine process is basically the same (see figure):

the raw oil and hydrogen mixture, sent to the Heating Furnace heated to a specified temperature, and then into the reactor equipped with a granular catalyst (the vast majority of the hydrorefine process using a fixed-bed reactor). Upon completion of the reaction, the hydrogen is separated in a Splitter and recycled through a Compactor. The refined product is separated from hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, water and a small amount of hydrogen in Stabilizer.

Our company produced a lot of industrial hydrorefine reactors, which were customized as per user's requirements, to meet the pressure value requirements, and temperature and heating conditions to ensure the catalyst distribution design and other factors.

Biodiesel Reactors

And the raw materials processed by the biodiesel reactor are vegetable oils and animal fats with certain structure of fatty acid glycerides (i.e. triglycerides). Mainly including canola oil, soybean oil, peanut oil, corn oil, cottonseed oil, fish oil, lard, tallow, sheep oil, waste fat or microbial fat.
They are formed by methanol or ethanol through esterification to fatty acid methyl ester or ethyl ester.
Currently in China, the technology of using methanol esterification to make biodiesel without a catalyst is becoming more and more popular. Our company has provided a number of scientific research institutions with high temperature and high pressure reactors for experiments, with temperatures ranging from room temperature to 600 degrees Celsius, and pressures ranging from atmospheric pressure to 50Mpa, which can fully meet the conditions for the production of supercritical fluids for a variety of reagents.
In addition, our company also produces and manufactures a variety of reactors to handle biodiesel as raw material, to produce fine chemicals such as ethylene glycol, glycerol and other fine chemicals.
In order to protect the commercial secrets of our customers, we will never ask our customers for information about their products and chemical reactions, but only need you to provide the required pressure, temperature, volume, stirring form and the requirements for accessories, we can design and manufacture the reactor for you.

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