Pharmaceutical Industry

Overview of the pharmaceutical equipment

The pharmaceutical industry equipment includes batch reactors like high temperature reactors under atmospheric pressure or low pressure, cryogenic reactor for high-purity API or pharmaceutical intermediates production, and all kinds of pharmaceutical tanks.
Generally speaking, pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment are for reactions having harzad of flammable, explosive, toxic, or corrosive. So, the stainless steel S304 and S316 are widely used for pharmaceutical equipment. Sometimes, Hastelloy and titanium are also needed. 
On the other hand, for reasons of hygiene, surface finish requirements for pharmaceutical equipment is very high Ra ≤ 0.4 or more strict.

The following are the brief introductions of the pharmaceutical equipment :

Atmospheric pressure high temperature reactor   

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Cryogenic Reactor

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Stainless steel Crystallisation reactor

A crystallization reactor is a device for the crystallization of materials in the kettle through rapid cooling.


Volume  L 20 50 100 200 500 1000
Motor Power  KW 0.2 0.75 1.1 1.5 2.2 4.0
Work pressure Mpa 0.35 0.35 0.35 0.35 0.35 0.35
Stirring Speed RPM 150 150 150 150 150 150
Filter area  m2 0.03 0.07 0.15 0.2 0.45 0.85
Material SUS316 /SUS304 / PTFE
Power 220V, 50Hz, 1P ; 380V ,50Hz ,3P ( others options)
Surface treatment External and internal surfaces are all polished Ra ≤ 0.4
heating method Coil or Jacket
Insulation Polyurethane foam


No. Name Description
1 Jacketed reactor Refrigerant is circulated inside the jacket of the reactor for rapid cooling purposes.
2 Limpet coil reactor The limpet coil welded on the reactor wall is for cooling usage when inject with refrigerant.

The application of limpet coil reactor (external coil reactor) in the pharmaceutical industry also includes:
       1, the preparation of peptides, nucleotides, proteins, and other biological macromolecules in the reaction process, you can use this equipment to control the reaction temperature, time, and other parameters, so as to rise the reaction efficiency and product quality.
       2, in the pharmaceutical intermediates synthesis process, this equipment can be very good control of the reaction conditions, to ensure product quality and yield.
       3、When preparing high-purity API, this equipment can reduce the generation of impurities through precise control of reaction conditions, thus increasing the purity and quality of products.

Feed tank


Volume / Liters 100 300 500 1,000 2,000 3,000 5,000 10,000
Internal Dia. mm 500 800 900 1,100 1,400 1,500 1,800 2,100
Heat exchange area  m2 0.9 2.0 2.7 4.5 7.5 10.0 13.5 22
Stirring Power
0.55 0.75 1.5 3.0 4.0 5.5 7.5 11.0
Rotation Speed
Fix speed or reducer
Structure Horizontal, vertical, tiltable, mobile, platform mounted
Jacket Coil jacket, solid jacket, honeycomb jacket, limpet coil jacket, Detachable Jacket
Stirring style Paddle, Turbine, Anchor, etc.
Work pressure Atmospheric  pressure or Negative pressure, as per the requirement of the technical process 
Work temperature 0~200 °C
Measurement method Weighing, Level Meters, Flowmeters
Insulation Polyurethane, rock wool, etc.
Seal type Mechanical seal, packing seal, or flange seal
Heating or cooling type Electric, Steam, oil bath, cooling water in Jacket, thermal oil, refrigerant, etc.
Material Stainless steel  SUS304, SUS316L, etc.
For type selection, pls provide Medium Characteristics: name, specific gravity, viscosity, corrosivity, pH, toxicity, etc. 
Diameter and content of solids contained in the medium.
Work temperature, work pressure.
Configuration requirements for equipment metering or control systems.
Others Sterilization pressure  0.15~0.3Mpa    Sterillisation temperature 121°C to 132°C

Feed tank cases

No. Name Description
1 Dilution tank A dilution tank is mainly used for the rich and poor mixing of pharmaceutical materials, other elements, and various pharmaceuticals. The dilution tank is an indispensable piece of equipment for the manufacture of drugs and pharmaceutical manufacturers. The dilution tank's sanitary requirements include sterile, non-polluting, easy to clean and disinfect, and so on.
2 Pharmaceutical dosing tanks Pharmaceutical dosage tanks are made from stainless steel. It is generally required that all accessible surfaces of the dosage tanks should be free of any cracks, burrs, sharp edges, and crevices that affect proper cleaning. Its external surface is finished ≤ra 0.8μm, and the internal surface is polished to Ra ≤ 0.4μm. All internal welding of the equipment must be polished, carefully ground, and fully cleaned.
3 Aseptic dispensing tanks Aseptic dispensing tanks are the collective name of dispensing tanks, thick dispensing tanks, dilute dispensing tanks, stainless steel dispensing tanks, sanitary dispensing tanks, injection dispensing tanks, pharmaceutical hygienic dispensing tanks, and other kinds of dispensing tanks.
4 Triple Insulated Liquid Distribution Tank Three-layer insulation liquid dispensing tank generally refers to its function and structure, generally with heating, cooling, insulation, liquid dispensing, and stirring functions of liquid dispensing tanks.
5 Sanitary Dosing Tanks The equipment is a vertical double-layer fully sealed structure, strong sealing, can effectively prevent material contamination, and belongs to a sanitary clean container. The equipment has the functions of heating, automatic temperature control, heat preservation, stirring, etc. It has the advantages of fast heat transfer, adaptability to large temperature differences, and convenient cleaning.
6 Mobile liquid dispensing tank A mobile liquid dispensing tank is a sanitary stainless steel container that can be moved into the factory according to the requirement of production. The specifications of the liquid distribution tank are 100L, 200L, 300L, and other different specifications, it and also can be designed with stirring, also can be a hygienic transfer tank, the whole is made of stainless steel design, with stainless steel mobile trolley, hygienic polyurethane wheels, with two universal, two-directional wheels, can be a small radius turn.

No. Name Description
7 Stainless steel liquid dispensing tank Stainless steel liquid dispensing tank has the functions of heating, cooling, insulation, and stirring. The tank body can support a material inlet, water port, discharge port, sampling port, and other process pipe ports, which can provide the conditions of the liquid dispensing process.
After the liquid dispensing, it can open through steam to achieve the function of sterilization and disinfection. At the same time, after the process of high-temperature liquid dispensing is finished, if it needs to be cooled down, it can be cooled down, and then open the discharge valve to discharge the material. The motor reducer start-stop or frequency conversion speed control, and temperature digital display can be controlled devices and accessories involved in the electronic control equipment. The automatic liquid dispensing system can be equipped with an LCD touchscreen and PLC controller.
8 Fully automatic batching tank The equipment mainly consists of stainless steel tank, PLC automatic control system, stirring device, heating device, mechanical sealing device, condenser, cooler, foot sleeve or coil, transmission device, shaft sealing device, insulation medium, inlet (outlet), support, CIP interface components and so on. It adopts an automatic PLC control system to control the processing control valve and detect temperature, pressure, PH value, and other parameters to realize fully automatic control of the dosing process, which has the functions of automatic heating, temperature control, heat preservation, and stirring, and has the advantages of fast heat transfer, adapting to the large temperature difference and easy cleaning.
9 Automatic injection liquid dispensing tank An automatic injection dispensing tank is an injection dispensing tank with an automatic dispensing system. An automatic injection dispensing tank with an automatic dispensing system can be equipped with an LCD touchscreen and PLC controller. It can automatically control I.V., injection dispensing, thick dispensing, thin dispensing, and so on.
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