• 5000L industrial reactor with thermal oil heating
  • 5000L industrial reactor with thermal oil heating

5000L industrial reactor with thermal oil heating

Spec. GSH5000AOLP304QRDW001 This reactor is perticularly made for producing high-purity alumina and high purity boehmite.
Type Structure Type Design temperature Stirring speed Heating power Discharging type Mixing style Contact material Controller
GSH5000AOLP304QRDW001 Close type (with manhole) -196 °C~250°C 0~500 90 Bottom Turbine + Paddle Stainless steel 304 PID
Volume  Design pressure Motor Motor power Heating type Mixer shaft Seal type Kettle lid open port Other accessories
5000 L Negative ~ 10 Mpa Explosion Proof motor 22 Thermal oil Self-lubricating wear-resistance sleeve made of stainless steel Magnetic seal Burst disc(safety valve ) port, etc. n/a

1)The volume of this product is 5000 liters. The 15,000 liters reactor, which the customer ordered later, is an enlarged-scale reactor of it, so they are very close in appearance.
2)The cover is provided with inlet and outlet gas ports, which are mainly used to pass hydrogen gas in order to carry out the hydrogen reduction reaction on the reaction material.
3)The reaction involved is a gas-liquid-solid three-phase, using a self-priming stirring shaft and a vent pipe into the gas distributor at the bottom of the reaction kettle, so that the reactants can be well mixed, thus shortening the production cycle.
4)The use of oil bath heating ensures that the reaction is interrupted by the low temperature due to the heat absorption of the reduction reaction.
5)The reaction pressure is 10Mpa, which is convenient to speed up the reaction, so as to improve the reaction speed and enhance the production efficiency.
6)The use of a magnetic sealing shaft, explosion-proof sheet, and back pressure valve ensures the safety of operators.
7)The use of PID intelligent control ensures that the reaction time, temperature, and pressure can be visualized and controlled. The reaction temperature can be controlled within plus or minus 1°C.
8)The material in contact with the material is made of stainless steel 304 with mirror polishing, which can improve the resistance to corrosive substances in the reactants.
9)The lower outlet is provided for easy unloading and sampling.
  • 5000L industrial reactor with thermal oil heating