• 0.5L magnetic seal Inconel lab reactor
  • 0.5L magnetic seal Inconel lab reactor

0.5L Inconel magnetic seal lab reactor with explosive proof

This is a mini lab reactor that of volume only 0.5 liters. The medium for reaction is explosive, so the motor applies ex proof feature in this case.
Type Structure Type Design temperature Stirring speed Heating power Discharging type Mixing style Contact material Controller
GSH05AEAIDY001 Close type 0 °C~800°C 20~1500 0.8~1KW Top Anchor Inconel PID
Volume  Design pressure Motor Motor power Heating type Mixer shaft Seal type Kettle lid open port Other accessories
0.5 L Negative pressure ~52 Mpa Explosion-proof motor 50~125W electric Self-lubricating wear-resistance sleeve made of stainless steel Magnetic seal Burst disc(safety valve ) port, etc Bottom support skirt