• 3L reactor system with PLC controller
  • 3L reactor system with PLC controller

3L reactor system with PLC controller

This is a remote real-time control reactor system, which can realize the function of remote real-time monitoring and operation after collecting IOT technology.
Type Structure Design temperature Stirring speed Heating power Discharge type Mixing style Contact material Controller
SH13OWP304CW001 open 0 °C~600°C N/A 1~3KW Top Paddle Stainless steel 304 PLC
Volume  Design pressure Motor Motor power Heating type Mixer shaft Seal type Kettle lid open port Other accessories
3 L Negative pressure ~20 Mpa Explosion-proof motor 125~355W electric heater with thermal oil bath Self-lubricating wear-resistance sleeve made of stainless steel Magnetic seal Burst disc(safety valve ) port, etc other functional devices.
This reactor system is composed of two sets of reactors and their supporting accessories.
The accessories consist of, two high-temperature and high-pressure reactors, two electric heaters, two condensers, two buffers, two collection tanks, and two circulation pumps, using electromagnetic heating in the form of a PLC for overall control.
The two sets of reaction kettles work secondarily to effectively separate impurities from the product, which is then collected using a collection tank.
The modified system is used for the rubber molding operation. By changing the test parameters, such as temperature, temperature, and heating time, as well as the size, number, location, and size of the condenser, collector, and buffer, the system can also be used for other chemical processes.
The system is also used for other chemical reaction applications.
In addition, the PLC ensures parameter stability and, with the integrated data transceiver, can be monitored and controlled from a remote computer or smartphone. Even if the staff is at home, they can
The working status of this reaction system can be monitored in real time so that the reaction can be grasped in real time. In this way, it is also named Remote real-time control of reactor systems.
These two points ensure the ease, efficiency, safety, and versatility of the reactor system. It is a very popular product of WHGCM and we welcome your inquiry and customization.