• 1 Liter Laboratory High Pressure Monel Reactor for sale
  • 1 Liter Laboratory High Pressure Monel Reactor for sale

1 Liter Laboratory High Pressure Monel Reactor for sale

This reactor is made of Monel, which has good corrosion resistance. The effective volume of the kettle is 1 liter, with heat preservation, strong flange cover, compact structure, beautiful appearance, simple operation.




Design temperature

Stirring speed

Heating power

Discharging type

Mixing style

Contact material



Open style

0 °C~600°C








Design pressure


Motor power

Heating type

Mixer shaft

Seal type

Kettle lid open port

Other accessories

1 L

Negative pressure ~20 Mpa

AC motor



Self-lubricating wear-resistance sleeve made of stainless steel

Magnetic seal

Burst disc(safety valve ) port, etc


Construction Notes:

(1) This 1-liter laboratory Monel reactor is customized for the customer.
The volume used by the researcher for each test of reactants is 10 ml.
Therefore, the volume of 1 liter at a time can provide the researcher with sufficient reaction materials to meet 100 times of experimental tests.
2) Monel, which has excellent resistance to neutral and alkaline salt.
In addition, the magnetic sealing bushing of the reactor is also made of Monel, and other parts where the nozzles are likely to contact the reaction medium are also made of Monel. Other parts besides them are made of stainless steel 304.
(3) As the reaction is exothermic, this reactor does not need a heating structure. The temperature of the reactor is designed to be maintained at about 500°C, so the reactor has an insulation construction to prevent heat dissipation. WHGCM uses high-temperature-resistant insulation material Alumina Ceramic Fiber and uses stainless steel as housings to protect the insulation layer.
(4) Due to the excellent sealing conditions, the reactor is continuously pressurized in the reaction kettle at high temperatures. Although the lab reactor had only 1 liter volume, the test reactor kettle pressure also exceeded 5Mpa. In order to avoid damage hazards to the reactor kettle lid and person, we used a strengthened Monel flange to ensure the strength of the reactor lid.
(5) The pressure gauge on the lid allows the experimenter to monitor the pressure in the kettle in real time. The pressure relief valve on the same stainless steel tube ensures the pressure release in time. 
(6) As the medium involved in the experiment is not flammable, the more economical ordinary AC motor and ordinary reducer are applied.
(7) The support skirt base is welded under the housings. It can effectively reduce the shaking produced by the reactor stirrer during the experiment and provide more stable operation. In addition, small lugs are welded to the stainless steel housings for easy handling of the reactor vessel.
(8) In addition, a feed port and a sampling port are provided on the lid of this reactor. The feed port is for liquid adding to the reaction without opening the kettle cover. The sampling port can help the experimenter to take samples at any time, so to help to monitor the reaction process.

Monel Lab Reactor vs Glass Lab Reactor

1) This 1-liter lab reactor is made of Monel, which can withstand haste temperature rising than a glass reactor. It can maintain a constant temperature and pressure, allowing the reaction to proceed stably. Typically when it is for the synthesis of organic compounds, Monel reactors can provide much higher output efficiencies than glass reactors.
It can provide much higher output efficiency than glass reactors.
(2) Due to its metallic properties, Monel supports a much higher range of reaction temperatures and pressures than glass reactors. Therefore, for a situation where the reaction conditions are uncertain and the range of temperature and pressure varies greatly and drastically, the use of a Monel lab reactor is undoubtedly a better choice.
Therefore, since the birth of the Monel reaction, it has demonstrated in addition to sitting moon performance and powerful functions, which provides great convenience for chemical research, improves research efficiency, and promotes the development of science.
There is no doubt that Monel lab reactors will continue to play an important role in the chemical world and help scientists bring more breakthroughs.

1 liter Monel lab reactor price

As a customized product, the total 1 liter Monel lab reactor cost is being priced on the basis of the cost of monel materials, labor, transportation, management, etc.
This 1-liter Monel reactor is made of Monel with a higher plate thickness than the reactor of atmospheric pressure, because of the pressure it is subjected to during use.
Our material engineer technically presses out the weight of the Monel materials by the grade and specification of the Monel alloy provided by the design engineer. Then he will have an idea of the  Monel
cost based on the selected brands. For other materials, a similar process is required.
WHGCM has been specializing in the production of custom Monel reactors for more than a decade since its establishment. We have accumulated a large resource of material suppliers for quick and good bargain sourcing of the parts to meet customer requirements.

That's why our 1 liter Monel laboratory reactor has become the final choice of our customers after they have compared many suppliers.

If you have similar needs for the Monel laboratory reactor, please contact us as soon as possible.  We can design a conceptual drawing for you in advance after understanding the general temperature, pressure, volume, and other conditions required for the reaction. And we will offer you a quotation when the conceptual drawing gets approved by your side.


We support T/T and L/C as two kinds of payment methods.
If you have your own choice of down payment method, pls don't hesitate to inform us. We will try our best to meet your needs.

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