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A 17700 Liters industry reactor has finished and delivered
The reactor is built as hydrolysis catalytic pressure vessel. It has arrived at our customer's site, informed by our customer after two days on the road. It would wait for a few days at the site, then start installing.
The reactors'  specification
Full volume: 15000L~20000L
Design pressure MPa: 3.0
Design temperature:150
Working pressure MPa: 2.5
Operating temperature:100
Motor power:45kw
Rotation speed rpm: 0-200
Stirring form: turbine + self-priming type
Heating method:  Jacketed external circulation, steam heating
Cooling method: coil water cooling
The material in contact with Stainless Steel 30408
Design life: 10 years
Main configuration:
1、Inverter, safety valve, PT100 customer self-configuration.
2、Magnetic seal, with explosion-proof motor reducer.
3、Assembled with pressure gauge, inlet, and outlet with blind, other tube opening flange pair supply.
4、Material: inner cylinder, head, and material of stainless steel 30408+Q345R composite plate, other materials in contact with the kettle material S30408, jacket material Q345R.

The Packing Video:

Delivery Term: 20 Days ( Emergency )

Order review:
This reactor was given to one of our regular customers who started working with our company in 2020. In the beginning, it was a custom-made 5000 liters hydrogenation catalytic reactor, and after using it, they were very satisfied with the operability and performance stability of our reactor. Therefore, three more 10,000 liters reactors were ordered. After one year, the customer ordered three more 15,000-liter reactors. This time, two almost 20,000-liter reactors were ordered again.
Unlike in the past, the customer was extremely strict with the schedule for these last two reactors. Because he needed to get them online as soon as possible to ensure the supply to his customers. The original delivery date was on July 10, and our factory made arrangements to ensure the production of these two reactors from all aspects. Finally, the first reactor was completed and shipped the day before yesterday. The next reactor will be completed tomorrow.

Client Comments:
When we informed the customer that a reactor would be completed and delivered ahead of schedule, the customer's first reaction was disbelief.
“It was impossible to complete this reactor in such a short period of time (12 days)," he said. ”Because I know reactors and I have been to several factories to visit. I know the manufacturing process of the reactor very well. Besides, I have also visited Weihai City many times to see the production of hydrogenation reactors."
However, the facts speak for themselves.
Our factory's production line is considered very complete in the whole of Weihai, which reduces the waiting time for unnecessary parts outsourcing processing.
In addition, our personnel are very enthusiastic about meeting the needs of our customers. In order to satisfy our customers, many of them do not even take Sundays off, just to finish the reactor and deliver it to him as soon as possible.
Besides, we have made nearly ten reactors for this customer before, and we know the customer's requirements and operating habits very well. Therefore, avoiding a lot of communication and waiting time, so that the production could be finished in a lot of time and the customer could be amazed by this miracle!

As you can see, despite the high temperature and high pressure hydrogenation catalytic reactor is made up of high requirements, the safety level of such accessories is strict. If all aspects, including the realization of the reaction conditions communication, customer habits investigation, drawings design in strict accordance with the regulations, production equipment is complete, workers work with high enthusiasm, and materials are well prepared, then on-time completion or even early completion is not a problem.
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