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500 liters stainless steel reactor has been completed today
This is a newly completed stainless steel reactor which is with high corrosion resistance.

This reactor was produced for a company that produces pharmaceutical intermediates. The volume of the initial experimental reactor was 0.5 liters. The customer was so satisfied with the performance of the experimental reactor that he decided to purchase another one for a pilot reaction. If it is still successful this time, then it is expected to enter the design and manufacturing phase of a batch reactor. We hope all goes well.
Product configuration description:
1, control cabinet;  frequency converter.
2、One magnetic coupler with explosion-proof inverter motor.
3、With valves required for kettle cover opening (2 pcs of 316L spray ball for air inlet, emptying, sampling port, liquid inlet and cleaning port), 2 pcs of pressure gauge, safety valve, gripper and rupture disc; 2 pcs of explosion-proof platinum resistor, blind plate for filling port, and material discharge for lower spreading valve.
4、Materials: inner cylinder, head and kettle contact materials are stainless steel S31603, jacket material Q345R, valve material S31603.
5、The inner surface is mirror polished.
Applications: Pharmaceuticals, 
Products: Pharmaceutical intermediates

Full volume 550L
Design pressure MPa 2.5
Design temperature -20~240
Working pressure MPa 2
Working temperature -15~220
Motor power 5.5kw
Rotation speed rpm 0-120
Stirring form Paddle + anchor type
Heating method Jacketed steam heating
Sealing method magnetic seal
Contact material S31603
Design life 10 years
Technical schematic
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