• ASME U 2L Hastelloy hydrogenation reactor
  • ASME U 2L Hastelloy hydrogenation reactor

ASME U 2L Hastelloy hydrogenation reactor

Hydrogenation reactor ,Hastelloy Reactor, Other Properties (2L magnetic seal, explosion-proof corrosion resistant reactor, vacuum distillation kettle with PLC intelligent controller , experimental reactor, quick open structure, electric lifting device

I Inspection

 Design pressure (MPa)  Working pressure (MPa)  Design Temperature (℃)   Operating temperature (℃)
 kettle  15  -0.1 ~ 12  -20~250  -15~200
 Inner coil   0.6  0.5  -20~ 250  -15~200
 full volume  working volume  Medium  material characteristics
 kettle  2.5L  2.0L  hydrogen, etc.  inflammable and explosive
 material  Paddle form  stirring speed (rpm)  Shaft seal
 kettle  Hastelloy  C 276  Self-suction Type  0~1000  Magnetic seal
   explosion-proof grade  Motor power(W)  Heating power (KW)  heating method
 dⅡCT4  550  4.0  oil bath electric heating

II Configuration

photo of the reactor  1, Explosion-proof PLC control, touch screen, host computer software, ABB inverter (frequency conversion speed regulation, motor current display, temperature display, heating temperature program control, pressure display, overpressure protection) . Cabinet material stainless steel. 
 2, One set of vertical magnetic coupler (gas phase contact material is Hastelloy C-276) with explosion-proof motor.)  
 3, Valves, diaphragm pressure gauge, C-276 bursting disc, explosion-proof platinum resistance, explosion-proof pressure sensor, feeding port with screw cap, and DN15 down valve for discharge port.
 4, One pcs of reflux condenser, with a 1L collection tank. Materials are Hastelloy C-276. 
 5, Material: 
kettle body, Hastelloy C-276, 
kettle cover flange, stainless steel lining C-276; 
Flange, clamp and insulation,  stainless steel S30408; 
Materials to contact medium, Hastelloy C-276.  
Valves and connection pipe, Hastelloy C-276. 
 6, The kettle cover is in the form of quick opening, and the clamp material is stainless steel.
 7, with electric lifting device (motor explosion-proof), kettle cover fixed, kettle electric lifting, manual turnover, material carbon steel coating. 
 8, with insulation, insulation cylinder material stainless steel. 

III Features

Solid liquid gas three phases, mixing stirring reaction first distillation 
Application: Fine Chemical