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The mount tips of the Lifting Flipping Reactor(LFR)

By WHGCM January 25th, 2024 104 views

The installation instruction of the Lifting Flipping Reactor(LFR)

Many clients are interested in LFR during the inquiry process, but many of them are worried about the installation. So WHGCM will tell the installation process to relieve the doubts.
1. Disclose the package, check whether the main accessories of the machine are complete according to the packing list.
2. Assemble the frame with the stainless steel pipe and fixing parts as shown in the design drawing.
3. Install the electrical box on the top of the right rear pole, tighten the screws, and plug in the seven-pin plug. The vacuum gauge is on the left back end. Fasten the screws.
4. Check the operating height, and fix the kettle's round rack on the slider of the vertical pole. Set the kettle on the frame.  The semicircular hoop is plugged into the vertical slider to fix the neck of the kettle. Close and tighten the setscrews. When installing, pay attention to the verticality of the main body of the reactor.
5. The stirring rod is fixed on the gear ring chuck of the motor spindle, and the stirring rod passes through the rotating bearing in the middle of the cover. Tighten the connectors. Then adjust the position of the motor, paying attention to the vertical concentricity.
6. The slider on the pole is a stainless steel multi-purpose clip that can be fixed to adjust different directions and heights.
7. Install the following optional auxiliary equipment:
Motor link ways: 
direct link, or use a belt link.
Quick-opening styles: 
quick-opening clamps or quick-opening bolts. 
Flipping device: 
manually or electrically.
A bottom expansion valve can be equipped to realize bottom discharge.
fixed base or mobile swivel wheels.
Lifting devices: 
manual lifting for the kettle cover, electric lifting for the kettle cover, manual lifting for the kettle body, and electric lifting for the kettle body.
8. Make sure all accessaries are properly installed and test the reactor with a simulated reactor process.
The above is the installation process of the LFR bracket.

Of course, it also looks like a headache. It doesn't matter, most of the reactors are properly assembled and can be use as soon as the pacakge is open.
This instrution will be effertive in some special occasions or when clients need to assemble by themselves, 

In additional, as a professional reactor manufacturer,  WHGCM engineers are always ready to help via remote video whenever you need.
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