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What is vacuum distillation reactor

By WHGCM September 28th, 2023 159 views

Introduction of the vacuum distillation reactor

Theoretical basis

The boiling point of a liquid can change when external pressure is different. So, if we reduce the system pressure via a vacuum pump, we can reduce the boiling point of the liquid too.
A vacuum distillation reactor can concentrate liquid samples quickly. The medium can vaporize at high speed under conditions with vacuum, constant temperature, and thorough mixing. 
The solvent vapor cools down in the condenser and is recovered in the collection bottle. It improves transpiration efficiency greatly. And it is especially suitable for the concentration and purification of biological products that are easily decomposed and denatured at high temperatures.

Structure features:

(1) Simple structure, easy to use; 
(2) Can perform atmospheric pressure, low-pressure pressurization, and pressure-holding operation; 
(3) can realize the heating and cooling of different substances; 
(4) has a good heat transfer, and can improve production efficiency; 
(5) It doesn't require a high medium's boiling point or high flash point. So it is suitable for substances that are easy to decompose.
(6) Because of the magnetic stirring and static sealing selected for the mixing system,  it maintains a high vacuum inside the vessel.
(7) The sample is heated and depressurized in the reaction kettle and rotated continuously by the stirring system to increase the transpiration surface area and speed up the transpiration speed.


1)During the decompression distillation purification process, purification can not realize when the distillation process fraction temperature continues to rise. So we can add a fractionation column to the system to make it happen.  If the effect is still not good, we could replace the fractionation column with a distillation column.
2)To control the rate of temperature rise, gradient temperature rise.
3)Make the vessel into a vacuum before distillation, and after the vacuum is stable, slowly raise the boiling point of the liquid.


It is one of the common ways to isolate and purify organic compounds with reduced-pressure distillation.
It is especially suitable for those substances that have not reached the boiling point during atmospheric distillation but have already reacted the thermal differentiation, oxidation, or polymerization.
(1) for chemical raw materials, pharmaceutical intermediates, and other distillation purification processes; 
(2) Catalytic reforming of petroleum refining processes and other chemical reaction devices that require distillation and purification.
The above is the description of the vacuum distillation kettle. WHGCM specializes in customizing various sizes of vacuum decompression distillation reactors to meet customers' requirements. Please contact us and custom your reactor.
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