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Hydrogenation reactor design: Hold hydrogenation in safety and efficiency

By DJJ September 28th, 2023 86 views
During the hydrogenation reactor design,  the nature of hydrogen is something that needs to be taken fully into account.

Hydrogen is an active element that readily generates new products and alters existing substances. As is often the case when hydrogen is mentioned, the first thought on the hydrogenation reactor are explodes.

So, explosion-proof is the most important feature to be concerned by hydrogenation reactor manufacturers. The ex-proof fittings are specially designed by hydrogenation reactor manufacturers, to handle the safety of hydrogenation reactions even at high pressures and temperatures. All types of instruments that connect to the ports must be ex-proof featured.

In order to increase the equilibrium conversion, the hydrogenation needs to be carried out under high pressure and favors higher reaction rates.
The use of excess hydrogen not only accelerates the reaction rate and increases the conversion of the hydrogenated substance, but also the export of the reaction heat.

Let's have a close eye on the hydrogenation reactors' design on the gas inlet. 
A common design is a bottom plug, while the using of a gas distributor is much better. The gas distributor helps deploy gas to go out evenly. The bubbles are tiny, then the total contact area of hydrogen and liquid is increased, making it easier for the reaction. 

The gas distributor spreads hydrogen throughout the system, ensuring consistency and stability. These design features are essential for smooth and efficient responses.

gas distributor structure

gas distributor position

Safety is of utmost importance in hydrogenation as we mentioned above, given its explosive nature. That's why hydrogenation reactor designers prioritize safety valves over traditional rupture discs. These valves effectively control hydrogen pressure, providing a secure working environment even under high-pressure conditions. They are like superheroes protecting us from potential explosions and ensuring everything proceeds smoothly as planned.
But wait, there's more! Let's discuss the fascinating magnetic sealing technology employed in hydrogenation reactors. It is another critical hydrogenation reactor equipment.
It's like magic! Instead of conventional seals, these reactors utilize magnets to create a tight and reliable seal. No leaks, no concerns! Even under extreme pressure, the magnetic seals remain strong, ensuring safety and stability.
They're like the trusted sidekick of a superhero, always ready to save the day. Plus, they require minimal maintenance and repairs, providing a reliable and hassle-free solution. Just like pressurized hydrogen tanks that require precise control and magnetic sealing for safety, hydrogenation reactors play a similar role. They act as the culinary maestros, orchestrating reactions with hydrogen as the secret ingredient, ensuring a perfect blend of pressure, temperature, and magnetic sealing to transform substances and create remarkable outcomes.
Now, let's review the unique advantages of these hydrogenation reactor fittings compared to common ones. Their inlet design ensures better gas distribution, leading to more efficient reactions. Valves with strengthened and ex-proof features can prevent hydrogen explosions and keep everyone safe. And the mighty magnetic seals act as impenetrable barriers, maintaining a tight seal regardless of the pressure. These advantages make hydrogenation reactors indispensable tools in the hydrogenation processes, such as hydrogenation of oil, hydrogenation of alkenes, hydrogenation of fat, and some partial hydrogenation of oils with high pressure or vacuum condition required.

We believe that with the progress of science and the development of society, there will be more and more new-style fitting applied during the fabrication of hydrogenation reactors. As a hydrogenation reactor manufacturer, WHGCM embraces the development of materials science and engineering science, applying new techniques during hydrogenation reactor design and fabrication.

We are looking forward to that day, as a hydrogenation reactor manufacturer and designer, WHGCM would be glad to offer clients perfectly designed and excellent-performance hydrogenation reactors.
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