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WHGCM developed a quick-opening reactor that was well received by users
This artical offers a brief introduction on the advantages of quick opening reactor developed by our experts.
WHGCM invested a lot in the R&D of quick-opening stainless steel reactors. The various series of quick-opening high-pressure reactors combine the advantages of many products at home and abroad. 
While improving performance, they also greatly simplify the operation to increase work efficiency. Furthermore, the production technology level is improved, and the external structure is more beautiful. 
Here, WHGCM experts will tell us three advantages of the quick-opening stainless steel reactor compared with the conventional reactor:

 quick-opening reactor photo.
1. The heating furnace can be installed and removed at will, and it only takes 2 seconds to go up and down. The kettle body can be cooled in the air, shortening the reaction time.

2. Removal of the kettle body: 
For conventional stainless steel reactors, the kettle lid needs to be removed manually with two hands, and then the kettle body is lifted and turned over to pour out the material.  The quick-opening kettle uses a hand-operated wheel, which can lift and flip the lid 90 degrees effortlessly to make room for the kettle body. Then use the worm on the hand-cranked column to drive the worm wheel to turn the kettle body 135 degrees to discharge.

3. Conventional reactors are usually fastened with M20 bolts. When opening, the nuts need to unscrew one by one, which is labor-intensive. The quick-opening stainless steel kettle is closed with ferrules and corresponding bolts. When opening, you only need to loosen each top screw a few times to remove the clasp, and the lid is quick-opened.
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