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6300L reactor acceptance success
We are thrilled to receipt the acceptance of equipment required by distant client.
We are thrilled to receive the acceptance of equipment required by a distant client.
Before acceptance, both sides agreed on high standards for equipment quality and delivery in the meeting room.
The customer highly praised the efforts and cooperation spirit of both project participants.he also expressed his willingness to cooperate further in the future.
photo of meeting
The general manager of our company (WHGCM ) expressed his attention to this project and his expectation for long-term cooperation.
After the meeting, we gave the customer a tour of the factory.The client is satisfied with our equipment and the work site.Our marketing staff to customers introduced my company's core products, and magnetic seal of high temperature and high pressure reactors, including lab reactor, pilot reator and industrial reactors.
photo of product introduction to client
Finally, client carried out acceptance of the project equipment accompanied by our engineers.The questions listed by the customer were answered one by one
Photo of Equipment acceptance
The customer recognizes our dedication, professionalism and sincerity, and expresses that the project acceptance has succeeded.
In addition, the two sides achivedac cooperation plan in the general manager's office. It laid a solid foundation for further cooperation.
photo of coopearation meeting at the GM office
After the acceptance, both parties take pictures in the entrance hall.

Acceptance equipment: Resin reactor 
Reactor volume: 6300 Liters 
Heating method: Electromagnetic induction heating
Control methord:   Intelligent Control
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