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12 CSTR Reactors and their Deck are finished and delivered
12 CSTR reactors and their deck are completed and delivered by trucks today. They are heading to one of our pharmaceutical customers to enlarge their intermediates' productivity.

Profiles of the CSTR reactor system

We have finished a CSTR reactor system and sent it to our client today.
Font View of the CSTR system

Oblique View of the CSTR system

This CSTR reactors system contains 12 reaction vessels, including 6 high-pressure hydrogenation reactors and 6 vacuum distillation reactors. 
They are assembled in a solid steel deck, consisting of 1 platform,  two ladders, handrails, and 12 supporting holes.

The CSTR reactors are going to be used in series, the material will get into the high-pressure hydrogenation reactors and output to vacuum distillation reactors. 


The CSTR equipment is designed and fabricated by WHGCM in a short time to meet clients' urgent demands.

This CSTR reactors system is a part of the workshop for our customers in the Pharmaceutical field.

It is for pharmaceutical intermediates manufacturing.

Deck in truck CSTR in truck
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