Customer Distribution Area
Customer Distribution Area
Этот орган в целом описывает общий состав клиентской базы WHGCM.
Our customer base is distributed in various industries such as fine chemicals, petroleum refining, oil refining, pharmaceuticals, dyestuffs, agriculture, food, hydrometallurgy, new energy, and new materials. Among these customers, the proportion of fine chemical customers is gradually increasing, and today more than half of them are from the fine chemical industry.
On the one hand, our company's products, dealing with laboratory reactors, pilot and industrial reactors are all intermittent or semi-intermittent reactors. On the other hand, due to the use of stainless steel or metals such as Monel, Zirconium, Titanium, Innel, etc. manufacturing, it has a great advantage in custom production. The reactors can be designed and manufactured according to the volume, pressure, temperature and media requirements of the customer.
At present, our customers are mainly concentrated in China, and the distribution of overseas customers includes USA, Russia, Indonesia, Mexico, France, Egypt, Australia, Malaysia and so on.
fine chemical intermediates palm oil Pharmaceutical intermediates dye Fertilizer

Among them, repeat orders account for about 10% of our customers. For Chinese domestic customers, the design, production, material, and process of our products are strictly in accordance with the requirements of the China A2 pressure vessel license certificate.

Simply put, A2 requires pressure for high pressure: 10MPa ≤ P < 100MPa; the high-pressure vessel with inner diameter < 2m.
(Specific requirements can be viewed from our downloads in the original Chinese, and translation)

In addition, in order to develop overseas markets, we have obtained CE certification and EPR certification in Germany, and are currently preparing to apply for ASME certification in 2023. We are currently preparing to apply for ASME certification in 2023, laying the foundation for further expansion in the U.S. market in the future.
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