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The introduction about laboratory reactor

By WHGCM September 28th, 2023 127 views
The laboratory reactor
In short, it is a vessel used to carry out chemical reactions in a laboratory. It needs to be connected with various monitoring instruments or meters for accurate observation. At the same time, many experiments are required to be carried out under different extreme conditions.
Therefore, specific laboratory reactors are designed to withstand extreme conditions without damage.
WHGCM's lab reactors are generally made of metal, and when compared to glass lab reactors, they perform much better under extreme conditions, such as high temperatures or high pressures.
In addition, WHGCM lab reactors also offer the option of having a glass window in the kettle body, which can help researchers observe the reaction process with the naked eye.
As a manufacturer with more than ten years of experience in making laboratory reactors, WHGCM can provide more options for users.
Specific optional configurations are as follows:
1, volume specifications: from 0.1L to 100L. 
     Design pressure: negative atmospheric pressure to 52Mpa. 
     Using temperature: zero to 600°C. 
     Stirring speed: 20-1500rpm.
2、Laboratory reactor is mainly made of 304 stainless steel, 316L stainless steel, and 321 stainless steel, and can be made according to the requirements of different media titanium, nickel, tantalum, zirconium, Hastelloy, reaction kettle sprayed with PTFE and nickel lining, including all the valves and pipelines.
3、Laboratory reactors can adopt quick-opening structures as well as lifting and turning structures. These structures conform to ergonomics, improve the efficiency of kettle cleaning and reduce labor intensity.
4、Safety valve adopts bursting diaphragm, small error of burst value, instantaneous exhaust speed, safe and reliable.
5、Using needle valve, reciprocating switch structure, durable, reliable sealing. Various kinds of valves are installed reasonably, and there is no dead space for discharge. The feeding port is equipped with a take-over type valve, which is convenient for feeding, the opening of the kettle cover is in strict accordance with the design drawings, and the outer receiver of the spare port is bent about 120 degrees, which is convenient for connecting with other accessories such as hoses.
6、The bottom of the kettle body has a discharge valve, which is convenient for discharging. In general, the discharge valve is a lower spreading valve to reduce the number of times of opening the lid.
7、Configurable back pressure valve can adjust the pressure from 1 to 5 MPa so that the pressure inside the kettle can be controlled and balanced.
8、A variety of heating methods are available. Including electric heating, water circulation, thermal oil, steam, far-infrared heating, and so on.
9、It can be equipped with a PID or PLC intelligent controller, which can realize real-time display and remote control of temperature and speed. Temperature control precision: plus or minus 1 degree Celsius.
10、All the openings of the kettle lid can be equipped with valves.
11. Stirring paddle: various shapes of stirring paddle are available.
12, Stirring shaft adopts corrosion-resistant stainless steel bearing, suitable for high speed, low viscosity material stirring. Can also customize the mixing shaft for high-viscosity materials.
13, stirring mode: conventional mechanical shaft mixing, or strong magnetic stirring, strengthening the magnetic torque.
By choosing from the above 13 options, you can find out a suitable laboratory reactor for you. Are you still hesitating, please click to contact us and customize your exclusive reactor quickly!
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