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Standardization of the use of cryogenic reactors

By GCM September 28th, 2023 97 views
In the process of using cryogenic reactors, there are many problems about operating specifications. But you don't know these, let me introduce to you the operating specifications of the cryogenic reactor:
The cryogenic reactor should pay attention to the following matters in the specific use:
1. Operate the electrical control instrument by hand, and set up overload protection facilities according to regulations.
2. It should be operated and used strictly according to the working pressure and temperature on the nameplate on the product to avoid dangerous calibration.
3. For all valves used, the valve stem should be turned slowly, and the cover should be pressed tightly to achieve the sealing effect. Closes easily to avoid damage to sealing surfaces by excessive force.
The reaction kettle must have a kettle body, as well as a kettle cover and a stirring device, as well as sealed equipment and so on. When using it, it should be well protected, and the inside of the kettle should be kept of high quality. After use, it should be cleaned in time.
1. If there are toxic substances in it, it is dangerous for people to enter and clean it. Use high-pressure methods to clean it. Many reactors do not require people to enter to clean, because its design is more and more advanced. People combine its structure and cleaning needs, and it can be cleaned by high-pressure water formed by a high-pressure pump and other refreshing nozzle devices.
2. There are generally agitators in the reactor, which can accelerate the reaction and enhance heat transfer. It also needs to be cleaned in time, as well as the cleaning of the sealing device, etc. These are very important in the reactor parts The parts must be protected and cleaned well.
3. There is a special machine for cleaning the reactor, such as a high-pressure cleaner. You choose the cleaning place in advance, and then let the high-pressure cleaner clean it. The physical cleaning method is adopted, which is very simple, the cleaning is fast and efficient, and the cleaning is in place without any damage to the reactor. The pipes, kettle body, etc. will be cleaned very clean. The thorough cleaning method is easy to operate It is very simple and efficient, which reduces the labor of the staff and saves trouble for the cleaning staff.
When using a cryogenic reactor, regular cleaning is very important, not only to ensure its efficiency, but also to make it last longer.
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