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Platinum Resistance,the temperature monitoring and control component in reactor design

By Thomas Huang March 27th, 2024 90 views
Temperature and pressure are two key parameters inevitably in the design process of reactor.  Most reactors require temperature monitoring. You might have found the Platinum resistors with ex-proof feature are applied in hydrogenation reactors design ( see the introduction of hydrogenation reactor ). Actually, the Platinum resistors are widely used in all of the reactor design because of their high accuracy and stability. 
PT100 Ex proof PT100

The following are several key features and applications of platinum resistors:

I Temperature characteristics: 

The resistance of platinum resistor is proportional to temperature and presents an approximately linear relationship within a certain temperature range.
This makes platinum resistors highly reliable and accurate in temperature measurement and control.

II High accuracy and stability: 

Due to the physical properties of platinum materials, platinum resistors have high accuracy and long-term stability.They generally provide low temperature drift and small nonlinear errors.

III Wide operating temperature range: 

Platinum resistors usually have a wide operating temperature range, covering applications from low to high temperatures.
Standard operating temperature ranges for common platinum resistors include-200°C to +850°C.

IV International standards: 

Platinum resistors comply with international standards such as Pt100 and Pt1000. 
Pt100 represents a resistance of 100 ohms at 0°C. 
Pt1000 represents a resistance of 1000 ohms at 0°C.

V Application Scenarios

Platinum resistors are widely used in temperature measurement and control in industrial automation, medical equipment, laboratory instruments, heat treatment, aerospace and other fields.
They play an important role in thermometers, thermocouple compensation wires, temperature sensors, etc.

VI Notes  

It is important to note that when using platinum resistance for temperature measurement, usually need to connect it to a constant current source or constant voltage source, and according to the platinum resistance resistance-temperature characteristic curve for calibration and interpretation.
In addition, it is necessary to consider the influence of factors such as circuit wiring and connecting wire resistance on the measurement results.

During the platinum resistance in the selection process, we need to note reactant characteristics, working conditions, explosion-proof, etc.. Only right selection  of their specifications can play its role. 
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