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Pilot test and pilot plant

By Thomas Huang December 12th, 2023 91 views

I, What is the pilot test?

Pilot test is a necessary part of the transformation of scientific and technological achievements into generating power.  The success rate of industrialization of scientific and technological achievements can be up to 80% if they have undergone pilot tests, while the success is only 30% if there are no pilot tests.Pilot test in industrization production process flow
The pilot test is a stage between the bench-scale test and Industrialized production

1.1 It usually consists of a series of scientific tests.

Small pilot test  To verify the hardware, structure, and software design.
Preliminary verification of production. It may contain one or several times of production, until no major hardware, structure, software problems;
Medium pilot test  Verification on hardware, structure, software, process, testing, maintenance, and material.
mainly test the design of the remaining issues and batch production verification, until there are no major production problems; 
Batch pilot test  Including the above tests and related production documents for a comprehensive verification, and production verification; The pilot tests won't be stopped until the production quality management costs, pass rate to reach the corporate goals. 

1.2 The scale of each stage of tests:

Bench-scale test is about 5 to 10 times of lab experiment on volume.
The pilot test scale should be no less than 1/10 of the large production volume.

II, The purpose of the pilot test

2.1 Synthetic process verification

To verify, review, and improve the synthetic process route determined at the laboratory stage, and confirm whether it is mature, reasonable, and the main economic and technical indicators close to the production requirements.

2.2 Plant study

Studying the structure of the selected industrial production equipment, materials, installation and workshop layout, etc.,

2.3 Data support

Offering data support for the formal production, optimal amount of material, and material consumption. Generally speaking, the pilot scale-up test is an important transition stage from rapid, high-level to industrial production, and its level represents the level of industrialization.> Pilot scale-up is the way from R&D to production, and is also an effective measure to reduce the risk of industrialization.

III, Pilot plant

3.1 What is a pilot plant?

It is a base for prototyping and improvement of new product development. New product development first puts forward the idea and then needs to turn the idea into a physical object. This engineering process is completed in the pilot plant.
The pilot plant is agile, with complete equipment and many people from various fields.
It can complete a small batch of samples in a short time. As soon as they get customer feedback, they can improve, iterate the products, and finish the mature product, after the stereotypes, curing, and become a commodity to the market.

3.2 Pilot equipment in the pilot plant

All types of vacuum pumps, chillers, heaters, magnetic pumps, condensers, compressors, reactors, gas chromatographs, heat exchangers, evaporators, booster pumps, control systems, and so on.
The following are the photos of Pilot reactors made by WHGCM
Pilot reactors for Series pilot tests 15L pilot reactor for pilot test

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