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Laboratory reactor use precautions

By Thomas Huang January 25th, 2024 127 views
Laboratory reactor is an important experimental equipment, often used in chemical, biological, pharmaceutical and other fields of experimental research and production process.  
In order to ensure the safety and smooth progress of laboratory work, the following aspects should be paid attention to when using the reactor.

I. Equipment inspection and preparation

Before using the reactor, it is necessary to carefully check whether the appearance and internal structure of the equipment are in good condition and ensure that all connecting parts are fastened and reliable.  
At the same time, check whether the power supply and control system of the reactor work normally to ensure that the settings of various parameters are accurate.

II. Laboratory environment

The reactor should be placed in a spacious, well-ventilated laboratory, protected from direct sunlight and humidity. The laboratory should have sufficient fire fighting equipment and emergency equipment, and keep the laboratory clean and safe. 

III. Precautions for operation

3.1. Before operation, you should understand the operation instructions and safety operation procedures of the reactor in detail, and be familiar with the functions and operation procedures of each component. 
3.2. Wear personal protective equipment, including lab coat, gloves, goggles, etc., to ensure your own safety. 
3.3. In the process of operation, the appropriate temperature, pressure and stirring speed should be selected according to the experimental needs, and accurate settings should be made. 
3.4. The contents of the reactor should be properly placed according to the experimental requirements to avoid exceeding the capacity of the equipment, so as not to cause spills or other hazards.
5. Pay attention to the order and method of adding materials in the reactor to avoid dangerous chemical reactions or explosions. 
3.6. During heating or cooling, the temperature should be gradually increased or decreased to avoid dangerous situations caused by sudden temperature changes. 
3.7. Regularly check the sealing performance of the reactor to avoid leakage. 
3.8. During the experiment, it is strictly prohibited to put hands or other objects into the running reactor to avoid accidents.

IV. Safety emergency measures

4.1. When using the reactor, you should always be vigilant, pay attention to the operating condition of the equipment, and find and eliminate abnormal situations in time. 
4.2. In case of an accident, immediately cut off the power supply or other energy supplies, take emergency measures, and report to the person in charge of the laboratory or relevant personnel in time. 
4.3. When carrying out emergency rescue in the laboratory, you should ensure your own safety, give priority to self-rescue and prevent the situation from expanding. 

The use of laboratory reactors requires strict compliance with operating procedures and safety precautions.  Only when the reactor is used correctly can researchers obtain accurate data and conclusions in the experiment, and at the same time ensure the safety and smooth progress of laboratory work.  Therefore, every laboratory personnel should keep in mind the above points, improve safety awareness, and ensure the smooth progress of laboratory work. 
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