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Explain the working principle of the hydrogenation gas-liquid internal circulation reactor

By GCM September 28th, 2023 93 views
Weihai Global Chemical Machinery MFG Co., Ltd. ( WHGCM )is a professional China reactor manufacturer of various reactors. It has summed up a lot of production experience and can propose solutions to various problems. It is a reliable equipment manufacturer. The following explains the working principle of the hydrogenation reactor gas-liquid internal circulation reactor.
The hydrogenation gas-liquid internal circulation reactor is a self-priming gas-liquid reactor. It is one of the core technologies of the gas/liquid reaction device. It is a gas that can be sucked into the upper space of the reactor without additional gas delivery machinery. The reaction device for gas-liquid contact. The hydrogenation reactor continuously inhales the reaction gas on the liquid surface through the specially designed hollow turbine agitator while the material and liquid are mixed. The hydrogenation reactor achieves the purpose of gas-liquid circulation and dispersion.

At the same time, the combined axial flow paddle used can evenly disperse the gas and solid catalyst in the reactor to achieve the purpose of rapid reaction. In extracorporeal circulation, the reaction liquid is pumped out from the bottom of the reactor by a centrifugal pump, and the reaction gas in the gas phase space of the reactor is pumped through the Venturi tube, and fully mixed and dispersed in a Venturi tube to obtain very fine bubbles for hydrogenation reaction. The kettle greatly increases the gas-liquid contact area and reaction rate.

The advantage of the liquid external circulation type is that the reaction rate is fast, continuous production is possible, and the heat transfer of the hydrogenation reactor is convenient, etc. The disadvantage is that the energy consumption is large, and the requirements for the circulation pump are very strict.
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