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Essential knowledge for chemical equipment design

By Thomas Huang March 6th, 2024 92 views

I. Concept

Chemical equipment design refers design and manufacture of various equipment and machinery in line with the process and product quality requirements according to the requirements of chemical production process. Chemical equipment design has strict design specifications and standards, and needs to involve a variety of knowledge, including chemical, mechanical, electrical, automatic control, and so on.

II Process of design 

Chemical equipment design process includes preliminary preparation, system engineering design, conceptual sketches, basic design, detailed design, drawing, and so on. Among them, the preliminary preparation is an important part of the design, need to fully consider the use of equipment environment, process flow and other factors.

III. Design points

1. The structure and material selection of the equipment should be in line with the requirements of the physical and chemical environment, as well as the service life and economy of the equipment.
2. The safety of the equipment must be guaranteed, including the avoidance of potential safety hazards, equipment operation, maintenance, repair and other aspects of the safety measures.
3. The reliability of the equipment should be ensured, including the reliability, stability and safety of the equipment in the operation process.
4. The service life of the equipment needs to meet the requirements of chemical production, and full consider the equipment's repairability and replaceability and other factors in the design process.
5. Common problems and solutions
In the process of chemical equipment design, common problems include fluid mechanics problems, strength calculation problems, material selection and application problems, automatic control problems, and so on. Solving these problems requires designers to have rigorous professional knowledge, while focusing on practical experience and methods.

IV. Summary

Chemical equipment design is an important part of the chemical production process, need to fully consider various factors, the application of rigorous design specifications and standards. 
It need to combine with practical experience and methodology, then could meet the requirements of chemical production.
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