Fine and Specialty Chemicals

I, The main feature of Fine Chemicals and Specialty chemicals' equipment

Compared with commodity chemicals such as petrochemicals and other bulk-produced chemicals sometimes hundreds of tons or thousands of tons of continuous production,  the fine chemicals and specialty chemicals are produced with much more small quantities and scale.
So, the equipment used for fine chemicals and specialty chemicals production only requires minute quantities or particles of reactants under certain conditions for fine, specific chemical reactions.

II, Other features of Fine chemicals and Specialty chemicals equipment


The reaction equipment is based on containers or reactors, and the reaction temperature, pressure, and reaction conditions are strictly controlled.


Substances in the reaction can be separated and purer products can be obtained; 


Or the conversion rate of the reaction can be controlled, and the reaction can be adjusted and improved, so that the reaction can get better results.


Fine chemical reaction equipment can be partially or completely assembled with automatic control systems.
Modern automatic control systems can realize real-time monitoring and storage of all operating parameters, as well as continuous control of reaction conditions and reaction material flow, which further improves the accuracy and reliability of the reaction equipment.

III, Types of fine chemicals and specialty chemicals reaction equipment:


container reaction equipment: such as tubular, volumetric, filling, filling cycle, mixed, etc., to meet a variety of reaction conditions;


hydrostatic reaction equipment: the use of vacuum pressurization technology, to achieve a low-temperature uniform reaction;


Suspension reaction equipment: it can be applied to powder special reactions.


Absorption reaction equipment: in the trace fluid, it can regulate the reaction and reduce a lot of pollution;


Atmospheric Pressure Reactor: can effectively carry out the reaction under atmospheric pressure conditions, which greatly reduces the operation and maintenance costs of the reaction system.


Membrane reaction equipment: can realize the separation of reactants and product recovery, for some reaction systems, have greater application;  can effectively carry out the reaction under atmospheric pressure, greatly reducing the operation and maintenance costs of the reaction system.


Gravity reaction equipment: 
Horizontal and vertical modes can realize the material flow by natural gravity and can be used for some difficult to control the reaction rate of the reaction.
Vertical installation refers to the use of pipes and flanges to connect the reaction equipment as a whole, which can be safely operated under high-pressure conditions.
The horizontal installation refers to the reaction equipment being fixed in a horizontal position, for the connection of less equipment.


Safety equipment is also an essential part of the whole set of equipment.
Safety equipment includes pressure relief valves, backflow valves, safety valves, temperature control valves, and liquid level controllers, etc. 
They can stop the reaction when the reaction equipment operates abnormally and release the temperature and pressure of the reaction in time to avoid safety accidents.

IV, Summary of Fine chemicals and Sepcialty chemicals equpment

 No   Device Name  Photos& Pictures
 1   Reaction Kettle Photo of reaction kettle
 2   Fixed bed reactors photo of Fixed bed reactors
 3   Fluidized bed reactors photo of Fluidized bed reactors
 4   Tubular Reactors photo of Tubular Reactors
 Transmission Equipment
 1   Gas compressor  /
 2   Vacuum pump  /
 3   Pump  /
 4   Refrigeration Unit  /
 Separation Equipment
 1   Adsorption tower  /
 2   Distillation column  /
 3   Cycione separator  /
 4   Defroster  /
 5   Centrifuge  /
 6   Filtration tank  /
 7   Pressure filter  /
 8   Ultrafilter  /
 9   Two in One filterpress  /
 10   Falling/rising  file absorption tower
 11   Duster  /
 1   Tank  /
 2    Slotclass  /
 Heat exchanger
 1   Carburetor  /
 2   Reboiler  /
 3   Preheater  /
 4   Cooler  /
 1   Double cone dryer  /
 2   Harrow dry machine  /
 3   Flash drying tower  /
 4   Drying box  /
 1   Scales  /
 2   Weighing Module  /
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