2000L Cryogenic Reactor
2000L Cryogenic Reactor
The 2000L cryogenic reactor was successfully completed and delivered to our pharmaceutical company customer. Currently at the customer site, it is in the stage of installation and commissioning.

This is the 5th cryogenic reactor ( or called as Deep cooled reactor) we have been completed for a Fine chemical customers client located in south of China. It is mainly for batch producing for the pharmaceutical Intermediates.
In previous, we have completed 10L deep cooled lab reactor and 200L deep cold pilot reactor for the same client. This reactor is using liquid nitrogen as cooling medium in the Jecket, with extremely high effeciency , the temperature could be as low as -196°C

Cryogenic reaction kettle is not only used for  high-purity pharmaceutical raw materials , but also can be used in high purity chemicals and semiconductor materials field. 

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